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Almost everybody has a hair dryer stowed away somewhere, ready to blast and banish water particles at a moment’s notice… until it’s not, and suddenly, you’re faced with buying a new one. Hair dryers have advanced considerably over the last ten years, going supersonic thanks to the powerhouses behind the Dyson hair dryer, while improving tried and tested technologies - remember when ionic hair dryers were the cutting edge? Us too. Find the best hair dryers for you and explore our selection of reputable hair care brands and products, from a cordless hair dryer for those who don’t like to get tangled up to a travel hair dryer for luxurious locks that never stop moving, we have a range of hair dryers for sale to suit your needs, now and into the future!

Speaking of buying hair dryers online, we know it can be confusing, but there are a few things you need to know now before making a purchase.


You’re fussed about features and long-life products

Professional hair dryers may be the right fit for you. These high-heat, low RPM beauties are a sound investment if you’re a daily user, lasting around 2000 hours before a recommended upgrade. They boast plenty of features lower-end models spare, including settings for thicker hair, ensuring your hair is in the best hands with

a salon-based brand.

Price range: $250 to $700

You’re an occasional user with average to thin hair

You can get away with the more affordable alternatives, often dubbed retail hair dryers. While they aren’t the movers and shakers of the hair dryer world, they are easier to handle, lighter in the hand and more than serviceable if you need a quick blitz before heading out the door. These hair dryers last around 500 hours before they need to be replaced.

Price range: $50 to $250

Remember, higher wattage equals more heat (avoid hair dryers altogether if you have brittle or damaged hair). Most hair types will be ready to go with a 1300 to 1800 wattage, although voluminous strands often need something stronger.

Are you ready to show your locks some love and update your hair dryer?