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Mattress Protector

Mattress protectors can easily be overlooked when buying those bedding essentials, but are an important part of keeping your bedding beautiful. They prevent wear and tear over time, protect against stains, as well as shield you from bed bugs, bacteria, and other night time nasties. They’re not all the same, so here’s what you can consider when buying a mattress protector to suit your bed.

The Mattress Protector Buying Process

  1. Being hypoallergenic, mattress protectors are particularly good for those who suffer from asthma and other allergies.
  2. Having the right size mattress protector will ensure better protection and stop any bunching or shifting during the night. Mattress protectors come in mattress sizes: A queen mattress protector matches a queen-sized bed and a king mattress protector matches a king-sized bed.
  3. A waterproof or temperature-controlled mattress protector can be a major relief for those who sweat a lot during the night or for those accidental spills.
  4. Mattress protectors are also available in cot, bassinet and kids’ bed sizes, providing an additional layer of protection against bacteria, moisture and dust mites, as well as those little accidents.
  5. Thread count can be beneficial to a mattress protector’s longevity. The greater the thread count, the tougher it’ll be, not to mention softer and a lot more comfortable.
  6. Most mattress protectors are made from cotton, but can be found in other light, durable materials. Bamboo is highly sustainable and wicks away moisture, and is especially gentle on sensitive skin. Wool, meanwhile, keeps your body at a nice temperature and is resistant to mould and mildew.
  7. Move around a lot during the night? You’ll probably want to find a fitted mattress protector that will fit snugly around your bed. Others come with their own clips to secure your mattress protector in place. Full encasement can provide all-round protection by stretching over the entire mattress and zipping up at the sides, which can keep it fresh and clean for longer.
    Protect your mattress today! Head to your nearest Myer store to check out the latest mattress protectors and other bedding accessories. Short on time but can’t wait for the postman? Order online, select Click and Collect and pick up your purchase at your nearest Myer.

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