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"The microwave’s become a sanity saviour for many of us—the go-to for that hot meal late at night, or warming the baby’s bottle in the early hours.  An essential part of any kitchen, designed with style and functionality in mind to complement kitchen décor. Whether it’s for warming up food or cooking a gourmet meal, there’s a microwave to suit everyone’s needs. Not sure where to start? Here’s a handy microwave buying guide to help you decide which type of microwave is best for your kitchen.

Which Microwave Should I Buy?

  1. Measure the space where you want your microwave to go, and remember to allow for ventilation. Stick to smaller models if you’ll mostly use your microwave for reheating and defrosting food, while bigger models are better suited to family dining.
  2. Wattage is the most important aspect when it comes to buying a new microwave. A 700w oven is powerful enough to handle most types of cooking, while 1300w offers incredible speed and convenience.
  3. Even affordable microwaves provide good-quality performance for day-to-day use, especially when it comes to student or apartment living.
  4. How often will you be using your microwave? Benchtop models are good for quick and easy cooking, and often feature preset functions for your convenience. Convection ovens, on the other hand, are a better option for family dining and entertaining guests, able to cook a chicken, bake a cake or roast veggies.
  5. Consider your kitchen’s layout – where is the most convenient place to put your microwave? Above the cabinet or oven range? On its own shelf? Will you integrate it with other appliances? This will help you decide which type of microwave you need, and how big it can be.
  6. Contrast or complement your new microwave with your existing décor—take into account your kitchen splashbacks and cabinetry. Stainless steel is timeless and goes with just about anything, while black is sleek and minimalist, pairing nicely with warm blues and browns.
  7. Why not go retro? Vintage-style microwave ovens can add a little fun and flair to a kitchen, as well as an energetic burst of colour.! Find the right microwave for your kitchen. Head to your nearest Myer store to choose from the latest range of microwaves from all your favourite brands. Join Myer One for exclusive offers and rewards – the more you spend, the more you earn! "

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