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Cups and Mugs

There’s something about holding a cup of rich coffee or hot tea in your hands that’s comforting, and having the right cup or mug can help make the experience even more pleasurable. Coffee mugs and cups are one of the most used items in the kitchen, so it’s important that you choose something that best suits you. Here are a few things to consider that may guide you to the right cup.

**The Perfect Blend: Finding the Right Cups or Mugs **

  1. Cup capacity is everything: 60-80ml is ideal for that shot of espresso. 200-250mL is great for sharing a latte with friends or a lovely spot of tea (with saucer!). 350-400mL is just right when it comes to making the perfect large cuppa.
  2. Sick of your coffee or tea going cold? A double-walled borosilicate cup uses insulated glass to keep your drink of choice hot or cold for longer, while remaining at a comfortable temperature in your hands.
  3. A strong cup of coffee or teacupneeds a strong handle. Think about how you like to hold your mug and find a handle that’s lightweight and easy to grip.
  4. Coffee cups and mugs should fit comfortably in your hand. A round mug feels good to cradle in both hands, while tall cups with a flat bottom can provide better stability.
  5. A good coffee cup or mug needs to be made of tough stuff. Stoneware is long-lasting and resistant to chipping, thanks to its thick texture and strong finish. Bone china is much stronger than it looks, with a smooth, luxurious feel. Ceramic is most commonly used for mugs and cups, while porcelain is dishwasher and microwave safe.
  6. Our favourite cups and mugs should reflect our personality as well as our taste in décor. Pop art prints and vibrant pops of colour can give your kitchen a fun and more contemporary vibe. Glossy white cups and mugs will always have a classical feel, while rougher textures and earthier tones can offer a little old-school charm.
  7. Use cups and mugs to complement other accessories such as milk creamers, teapots, jugs and coasters, and even small appliances like kettles and coffee makers.
  8. Save money and cut down on paper waste—a travel mug with a tight autoseal and thermal insulation will ensure that your tea or coffee stays warmer for longer while on the go.
  9. Know a coffee fanatic or serious tea drinker? Give them a set of mugs or porcelain teacups for a unique and personalised gift! Enjoy the perfect brew. Head to your nearest Myer store to check out the latest cups, mugs and other kitchenware from all your favourite brands.

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