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If you fancy yourself a bit of a dessert enthusiast, you’re going to need long-lasting bakeware to stand up to every successful sponge cake, and look super stylish while doing it! You’ll be whipping up batches of biscuits in no time by following these simple tricks to choosing your bakeware.

Finding Bakeware You Can Bet On

  1. Stick with must-have items like cake tins, baking trays, and measuring cups and spoons, along with other baking tools like spatulas and wooden spoons.
  2. Among the most versatile of bakeware are mixing bowls, which can be used for a whole range of tasks, including cake mixes as well as marinating meats and tossing salads. A rolling pin is also a crucial part of any bakeware collection, used for flattening dough and certain cuts of meat, so it cooks more evenly.
  3. The size of your bakeware depends on the types of meals you make and the number of people in your household. Generally, having baking trays and cake tins in a variety of different sizes allows for more flexible cooking.
  4. Expand your baking repertoire by including ramekins for puddings, pizza stones, tart dishes and specialty cake moulds as part of your bakeware collection.
  5. Want an easy way to weigh ingredients without making a mess? Digital scales can provide an accurate reading of measurements thanks to their LCD display, with some models able to hold up to 10kg. They also switch off automatically to save power—one less thing to worry about!
  6. Bakeware should be tough and durable, so consider its material. Aluminium bakeware heats evenly and lasts for years. Non-stick bakeware is smooth and scratch-resistant, releasing cakes and muffins with ease. Enamel and stoneware can be taken straight from the microwave to the kitchen table. Silicone is light and easy to clean, and can withstand high levels of heat.
  7. Why hide bakeware away when you can show it off? Treat guests to yummy puddings in blue or red ramekins or to fresh bread in a vintage-style baker. Offer up scrumptious tarts in a beautifully-glazed dish or bake piping hot lasagne in a rectangular dish with a matte finish.
  8. Did you know the colour of your cake tins can have a big impact on baking time? A dark cake tin absorbs more heat (which can speed up cooking time), while a light cake tin will reflect it, which may take longer but result in a delicate sponge that’s soft and fluffy. Want to start baking up a storm? Head to your nearest Myer store to check out the latest bakeware and other accessories from all your favourite brands.

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