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Often lumped in with throws, blankets and quilts, coverlets can be a highly stylish addition to any bedroom. Offering a minimalist touch to bedroom décor, coverlets come in a beautiful range of colours, materials and sizes, and are a great alternative to a quilt or blanket during the warmer months. There’s quite a lot of hidden depths to the humble coverlet, so we’ve put together a quick guide to help you choose the right one for you.

Covering All You Need to Know About Coverlets and Blankets

  1. Understand the differences between a coverlet, a throw and a blanket. A throw is used for more decorative purposes while a blanket is used for warmth. A coverlet, however, can be used for both, either placed between a sheet and a doona or folded at the end of your bed.
  2. Coverlets can be incredibly versatile and a great way to reinvigorate bedding. Use one for an extra layer of warmth during those cooler nights, as a decorative bedspread or drape delicately over the foot of your bed. You can even pair a coverlet with a throw or a blanket to create soft, dreamy layers
  3. In terms of size, coverlets are more commonly found in either king or queen size or European size, so double check the size you need!
  4. Coverlets are not just lightweight, but also low maintenance and easy to clean. Most are machine-washable in warm water, and some can even be tumble-dried so they feel extra soft.
  5. Mix and match your bedroom décor as the seasons change with different coverlets. Some even come with [matching pillowcases] ( (or shams), which can provide a clean and stylish sense of cohesion.
  6. Coverlets can also bring a pop of colour to your bedroom. Warm, brooding tones like brown, teal and mahogany can add dramatic flair, especially when paired with stark white or bold textures. Sandy beiges and dusky pinks can have either a summer or autumn feel that works well with Scandi or coastal themes. Muted tones, meanwhile, feel fresh and clean, and can be combined with all kinds of décor.
  7. Coverlets come in an array of textures and patterns that help give bedroom décor an edge. Rougher textures like chambray feel warm and pair well with soft neutrals and pastels. Velvet has a softness and a rich, old-world elegance that contrasts well with bold colours. Intricately quilted patterns can also offer a certain timelessness that can work in almost any bedroom Mix things up with a coverlet! Head to your nearest Myer store to check out the latest coverlets and other bedding accessories. Join Myer One for exclusive offers and rewards – the more you spend, the more you earn!

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