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Sheets & Pillowcases

Cotton, linen, bamboo, polyester - how do you narrow down the choices? What is the thread count and why does it matter? It all comes down to personal taste and your individual sleeping preferences, but here is your quick guide to picking the perfect sheets to get you started.

Tips for finding the best sheets

  1. Thread count is the term used to describe how many threads are woven into a square inch. The more threads, the softer the bed sheet will feel. Generally speaking, high-quality sheets will have a thread count between 200-400+.
  2. While a fitted sheet and pillowcase are bedding essentials, top sheets are totally optional. Generally, sheet sets contain all of these, but you can also buy sheets separately.
  3. Cotton is the most popular and widely available material when it comes to sheets, being durable, breathable and natural. However, every cotton sheet is not created the same.
  4. Egyptian cotton is widely regarded as the finest in the world, softer and more durable than other cotton grown elsewhere.
  5. Sateen has a silky, shiny appearance resembling satin and feels luxurious against the skin.
  6. Percale is a lighter fabric that makes an excellent choice for warmer nights.
  7. Flannelette is a soft, brushed material that offers unrivalled warmth and comfort when the weather turns cool.
  8. Linen, made from the flax plant, has been used for thousands of years to create bedding and clothing. Comfortable and hypoallergenic, it continues to grow softer with each wash. Many enjoy the gently crumpled aesthetic of linen sheets. It is also one of the most eco-friendly fabric options.
  9. Bamboo textiles are a more recent innovation boasting strength, softness and breathability. They are also stain resistant and easy to wash, hypoallergenic and moisture-wicking.
  10. Tencel Lyocell, similar to rayon and viscose, is made from wood pulp. It is one of the top choices for hot sleepers as it has excellent thermal regulating and moisture wicking properties.
  11. Polyester is a budget-friendly option that is easy to wash, not prone to wrinkling, soft and available in a variety of colours and prints. Once you’ve decided on fabric type and thread count, the only thing left to do is choose a colour or pattern in the correct size for your bed. We have made choosing new sheets easy with a range of options to suit every sleeper at Myer.

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