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Every kitchen needs a good set of glassware. It’s something that you just can’t do without, from tumblers for drinking your morning juice to champagne flutes for those special occasions. As well as functionality, something lightweight yet pleasing to the eye is always a nice balance. Here are a few things to consider when choosing glassware for your home.

Finding Glassware for All Occasions

  1. If you’re building up your glassware collection for the first time, start off with pieces that are essential for everyday living and entertaining, like tumblers for daily use, [wine glasses], beer glasses and champagne flutes.
  2. You can add to your collection over time. Start off with a few quality glasses to serve your guests, then expand your collection to include other types of glasses. Most sets usually consist of around 4-16 pieces. You can even buy multiple sets of glassware to suit different occasions.
  3. Love to entertain? Why not add a decanter or large drink dispenser to your drinkware? Delight guests with fruity blends and other delicious concoctions during summer barbecues or family get-togethers.
  4. Think of how your glassware will work with the rest of your home décor. Display a curvaceous decanter on a silver tray on your coffee table surrounded by flowers and candles, champagne flutes displayed in a glass cabinet, or a crystal whiskey decanter in your study.
  5. Glassware is meant to last through many different occasions, and has the potential to be passed down to future generations. Crystal is thin yet strong, and has incredible clarity and brilliance, while glass is lightweight and elegant.
  6. Glassware comes in an endless array of shapes and sizes. Have a mix of tall, medium and small glasses to suit the occasion, and provide variety to your table decor.
  7. Highlight the beauty of your glassware with different textures. Pebbled or studded glasses offer class with a contemporary edge, while embossed glass and intricately-cut patterns can add some old-school elegance to any event.
  8. Try brightening up your glassware collection with a burst of colour. Champagne glasses with a blush pink tint provide an air of modern romance. A fiery shade of red can evoke passion and makes a bold statement. Find glassware that truly shines! Head to your nearest Myer store to check out the latest glassware and other accessories from all your favourite brands.

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