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Scam Alert

Please be aware of potentially fraudulent or deceptive emails, phone calls and other unsolicited promotions that use the Myer brand to promote Myer gift cards or gift vouchers. Some of these offers may appear as website banners or wall postings on social networking sites (eg. Instagram or Facebook), and may look like they're coming from or being endorsed by your friends or Myer when they are not.

We encourage customers to be wary of requests to provide personal information or financial information to these scams.

Some examples of known scams include:

  • Complete customer satisfaction survey with your personal details or financial information that promises a reward at completion
  • Sharing or liking a social media post in exchange for a gift card or gift voucher
  • Call a specific phone number and provide personal information in exchange for a reward
  • Email that provides a scam link to an unknown or malicious website for a reward
  • Text messages offering a reward by responding or clicking on scam link to a unknown or malicious website
  • Banner advertising offering free gift cards or gift vouchers in exchange for personal details and passing on a scam link to friends

For examples of known Myer scams in circulation, please click here

Learn more about scams from the ACCC

Do not respond or participate in these offers. Myer will never request personal or banking details in unsolicited communications.

If you would like more information on current scams or would like to report a scam, please contact Scamwatch via the Scamwatch website

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