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Who doesn’t love the smell of warm, buttery toast first thing in the morning? A toaster is something no kitchen can do without, whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or a quick dinner. The convenience of having a toaster in your kitchen has no limits. A good toaster should be affordable, reliable and—most importantly—toast bread to perfection. Find your ideal toaster with our tips below.

The Best Toaster Buying Guide Since Sliced Bread

  1. How many slices of toast do you make in the morning? A 2-slot toaster is ideal for those who don’t want to take up too much bench space, while a 4-slot toaster is more suitable for larger families or for those who prefer a muffin, a bagel or a nice, crunchy piece of focaccia bread in the morning.
  2. No one likes a burnt slice of toast. With some 4-slot toasters, you get more even toasting and wider slots, so you can pop in larger pieces of bread or experiment with artisanal breads.
  3. Everyone likes their toast a certain way: Whetherlightly browned, or a little darker, find a toaster with a wide range of cooking controls, so bread is toasted to your liking every time.
  4. Want to avoid spreading crumbs all over the kitchen bench? Make sure your toaster comes with a handy crumb tray, so you can pour crumbs straight into the bin.
  5. Certain toaster models even allow you the luxury of taking bagels and muffins straight from the freezer to the toaster to defrost, all at the touch of a button!
  6. Look for models with an easy-to-clean surface and with less awkward corners where those pesky crumbs can easily get stuck, making it much easier to care for your toaster.
  7. Turn your toaster into an elegant statement piece! A toaster in classic stainless steel looks good with vibrant colour combinations like red, orange and yellow or an industrial aesthetic. Rose gold accents can give kitchen décor a chic upmarket feel, while bold patterns and bursts of colour can also add depth to neutral tones.
  8. You can even make life easier by buying a toaster/kettle combo. This is especially handy if you need both, and want them to match! Start your morning right! Head to your nearest Myer store to choose from the latest range of toasters and other small appliances from all your favourite brands. Join Myer One for exclusive offers and rewards – the more you spend, the more you earn!

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