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"When you need to chop, crush, mix, puree... do it fast with a blender. Get that margarita in minutes, or send that soup out swiftly—choose from a range of blender designs, styles and sizes to suit any kitchen and become a masterchef in minutes.  

A Smooth Blender Buying Guide

1. What will you use it for most? Will you be using it for making fresh orange juice in the morning or cocktails for fun get-togethers with friends? An electric juicer or fruit blender might be an ideal choice.  

2. Want to satisfy your inner foodie? Try a high-performance blender, which offers more versatility thanks to its customised blending system.  

3. Want more flexibility from your blender? Standard food blenders are built with variable speeds and an increased motor size, as well as programmable functions. They also require less prep work for ingredients – just chuck in your fruit or veg and start blending!

4. Want easy cleanup? Look for a food blender with removable blades to allow for better ease of use and longevity Some models even come with self-cleaning capabilities.

5. Avoid messy spills in the kitchen: Find a food blender with interlock technology, so you can keep lids sealed on tight while you blend.

6. Planning to add some retro flair to your kitchen? A vintage-style blender in cute pastel hues like blue, pink, red or purple will add a splash of colour and make cocktail hour at home a truly fun experience.

7. Looking for something compact? Personal blenders are convenient for those who want to drink their smoothies on the go, with some blenders including jug capacities of up to a litre.

8. Looking for something lighter and easier to handle? Also known as a hand blender or immersion blender, the stick blender is great for making purees for the growing bub, as well as smaller tasks like beating eggs or making sauces and salad dressings. You can even mix in a pot right on the stove. And when you’re finished, just rinse the blender and put it back in the drawer!

Find your perfect blender. Head to your nearest Myer store to choose from the latest range of blenders from all your favourite brands. Join Myer One for exclusive offers and rewards – the more you spend, the more you earn! "

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