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Oven Mitts

Hand protection is a must if you’re dealing with hot food. While a tea towel might get the job done in a pinch, a good oven mitt is quicker, easier and safer to use. Looking for the perfect kitchen glove to accompany you on your cooking adventures? There are a few varieties to choose from, so here’s our quick guide to selecting the right one for you.

Beat the heat with the best oven mitts

  1. Pot holders are the smallest and most basic type of oven mitt. As their name suggests, they provide a good spot to place a hot pot down, protecting the bench or table underneath. They can also be used to grab a hot pot handle or lid. They often feature a pocket on the back to slip your hand into and are generally made of cotton.
  2. Hand-shaped oven mitts let you move your thumb independently, making them ideal for gripping pots and pans, bowls and oven dishes. Made from thick cotton, some also come with a silicone print for added grip. These can be bought in single or double packs.
  3. Double-ended oven gloves are the perfect solution for grabbing trays and casseroles from the oven. Typically shaped like pot holders, or sometimes with more of a hand shape to them, they are quick to slip on and easy to use. With the right protection at hand, you can tackle your next culinary journey with confidence. Explore our range of oven mitts and pot holders to find your perfect match at Myer.

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