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To some, tea is more than a hot beverage—it's a way of life. As well as aesthetic appeal, having a gorgeous set of teaware can offer a more pleasurable experience, even influencing the taste of your brew. True tea drinkers know that it’s not just the type of tea that you drink, but what you drink it in. Whether you’re drinking Oolong or Earl Grey, every cup of tea needs a set of quality teaware to match.

How to Buy Teaware That Tantalises

  1. Will it be tea for two or more? If you only prepare one or two cups of tea at a time, opt for a smaller teapot. If you’re brewing tea regularly for friends or drink throughout the day, a larger pot will definitely satisfy those cravings!
  2. No one likes a lukewarm cup of tea, so why not consider a tea mug with a built-in infuser, which retains heat and enhances flavour.
  3. The shape of your teacup can affect the way you drink tea. Thicker cups retain heat for longer. A wider teacup provides a fuller, more complex taste when the tea hits your tongue. Teacups with a flared rim offer a quicker cooldown, along with a better flow when you tilt your cup. Taller teacups, meanwhile, let you truly appreciate the aroma.
  4. Consider buying more than one set of teaware, so you can alternate – a high tea set for classy afternoon affairs and a couple of luxurious mugs to snuggle up with on the couch.
  5. A cake plate or cake stand is a must for high teas and afternoon delicacies. A cake stand can elevate tasty treats while a cake plate offers versatility, able to be used for all sorts of foods.
  6. Find other accessories to complement your teaware, like cake stands, serving platters and jugs. Have fun mixing and matching different cups and saucers – contrast neutrals with striking patterns or pair brighter hues with pastels.
  7. Teaware can be found in all colours of the rainbow. Make bold colours pop against white marble countertops. Japanese-inspired teaware in warm, earthy tones is a beautiful work of art and a great example of clean minimalism. Dreamy floral patterns with a gold trim are a high tea essential. And classic white will always be a winner!
  8. Tea will react differently to different materials. Porcelain will retain heat for longer and maintain a good infusion temperature. Bone china is especially popular for its durability, chip-resistant surface and timeless feel, while effectively containing the aromas and flavours in your cup.
    Sip with style! Head to your nearest Myer store to check out the latest teaware and other accessories from all your favourite brands.