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Mixing Bowls

Are you an enthusiastic baker, budding chef, or famous in your family for your fantastic salads and desserts? Mixing up cake batters and sauces, marinating meats, tossing together a salad - a good set of mixing bowls can take on a range of cooking tasks. Some more stylish types can even double as serving bowls.

But how do you pick the right bowls for your kitchen? How many different sizes should you have? Is ceramic, glass, plastic or stainless steel a better choice? Here are our top tips for selecting the perfect mix of bowls.

How to pick a mixing bowl

  1. Large mixing bowls are a must-have for whipping up large batches of cake batter, as well as keeping those salads contained while tossing through dressings.
  2. Medium bowls will tackle a lot of your day-to-day kitchen work: holding ingredients ready for cooking, mixing up dry ingredients, working dough, and serving up food.
  3. Small bowls are great for beating eggs, or as a spot to put spices and condiments while they wait to be added to your cooking. You can find mixing bowls in a variety of materials that will suit different needs:
  4. A stainless steel bowl is a good non-porous option for marinating meat. It can be used for many other tasks as well, including proving dough in a warm oven. Some designs are made to fit into your stand mixer, making them even more useful.
  5. Microwave-friendly plastic can handle jobs like melting butter and heating food, on top of its usual duties as a mixing bowl. Grab one with a lid combination to store food or safely transport salads and desserts to your next party, without the need for cling wrap.
  6. Glass mixing bowls not only look great in any kitchen, they can go from freezer to oven without breaking a sweat.
  7. Ceramic mixing bowls are the real lookers of the mixing bowl world. They are a sturdy option for heavy mixing and dough-working jobs, while being a [beautiful option for serving too]https://www.myer.com.au/c/home/all-dining/serveware/serving-dish). Our range of beautiful and functional mixing bowls is sure to impress both the home cook and dinner guests alike. With colours, styles and materials to suit every kitchen, you’ll find just what you’re looking for amongst our chef-quality mixing bowl products at Myer.

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