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Nice and compact, floor fans are perfect for small or medium-sized rooms. Unlike an air conditioner, which chills the air, they provide a nice breeze and, depending on the model, can be more economical. Floor fans for sale are no longer just big, bulky chunks of plastic - they can be sleek, lightweight and built for speed. Simply plug in and go!

How to Keep Things Cool with a Floor Fan

  1. Get the most out of your floor fan—choose one that rotates to cover more space and tilts in order to move the air flow in different directions.
  2. The more speed settings your fan has, the more air it’ll generate, giving you greater control over room temperature. A model with a high velocity motor will also allow for more effective airflow.
  3. Today’s floor fans are not only built with speed in mind, but also convenience. Some can be charged wirelessly, ensuring longer battery life, while others can be controlled via remote. No more having to get up to change settings!
  4. Like to have the fan on during those long summer nights? Find a floor fan that’s low on noise, and has a ‘natural’ or sleep mode, which can simulate the feel of a cool breeze. Some models even come with a timer, so it can turn itself off after a certain period.
  5. Forget plain old white - floor fans now come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, as well as colours to suit virtually any kind of home décor. Glossy black or grey offer sleek sophistication, while brighter colours like red or blue can inject a little fun into the warmer months.
  6. Do you have kids, pets, or both? Find a floor fan with a protective cage to protect those little hands and paws.
  7. Bladeless fans, on the other hand, offer a safer and healthier alternative to traditional fans. Although they technically do have blades, they’re hidden away in the fan’s base. Bladeless fans provide all-round coverage by purifying the whole room, able to capture dust and other allergens floating in the air. They can even detect airborne particles and gases.
    Make buying a new floor fan a breeze! Head to your nearest Myer store to check out the latest heating and cooling appliances from all your favourite brands. Short on time but can’t wait for the postman? Order online, select Click and Collect and pick up your purchase at your nearest Myer.

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