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Saute Pans

Sauté pans are perfect for those on a budget – if there’s one pan you should own, it’s this one. With straight sides and a flat bottom, a sauté pan distributes heat much more evenly thanks to its shape and size. Here’s how to pick a sauté pan for your needs.

Seeking Out the Right Sauté Pan

  1. Size matters when it comes to sauté pans. It should be wide enough to accommodate food without being overcrowded or difficult to lift. A 24-26cm sauté pan is great for basic cooking, while 30cm and above is ideal for those larger dinners for the whole family.
  2. Think about the types of meals you cook. If you love frying up fish, a non-stick sauté pan will ensure that it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan. Enthusiastic about steak? Opt for stainless steel.
  3. A sauté pan is better suited to a flat cooktop. One that’s layered with multiple metals is especially good for a gas stovetop, as it will diffuse heat more evenly.
  4. The type of material your sauté pan is made from can make all the difference when cooking the perfect meal. Cast aluminium is lightweight and easy to clean, and is an excellent conductor of heat. Stainless steel offers great durability and shine, and heats up quickly. Copper, meanwhile, is best when it comes to heat conduction and reactivity, and is particularly strong thanks to its combination of metals.
  5. A good sauté pan needs a glass lid with a tight seal. Not only will a sauté pan with a lid help to seal in flavour, but it’ll also allow you to keep an eye on food while completing other tasks.
  6. A strong handle is also a must – you should be able to lift a sauté pan with ease. A long handle lets you shuffle food more fluidly, while a ‘helper handle’ on the side can offer extra support. A metal handle is strong and can provide better resistance, while a plastic handle remains cool and comfortable enough to grip.
  7. Hate hot oil and juices splattering everywhere? A sauté pan with a dripless pouring rim or rounded bowl can make clean-up so much easier, and helps you to avoid splashes and spills while cooking.
  8. A bigger sauté pan isn’t always better – if the amount of food you put in it is too small, then your juices will evaporate much quicker and your food will burn. Get sizzling! Head to your nearest Myer store to check out the latest sauté pans and other cookware from all your favourite brands.

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