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Decanters and Carafes

Looking to jazz up wine time or whiskey hour? Add a touch of sophistication to your barware with a decanter or carafe. These pieces can create a stunning silhouette on any dining table or bar, allow wine or whiskey to breathe, and release its aroma and flavour. There’s a lot more to choosing a decanter or carafe than you think, so here are some quick tips to help.

Choosing a Decanter and Carafe

  1. What’s the difference? Decanters and carafes have a few subtle differences: Carafes are delicate and have no stopper, and are able to hold any type of liquid. Alcohol is usually poured into a carafe just before serving.Decanters, meanwhile, have thicker walls and are primarily used for wine and whiskey, helping to aerate wine in order to enhance the taste and allowing all those subtle notes to come through.
  2. Consider the size. Most decanters can accommodate a single bottle of wine. A larger decanter or carafe is a more practical choice for those who regularly entertain guests, while a smaller decanter or carafe is better suited to those who don’t want to waste any juice or wine.
  3. Even the shape of your decanter or carafe can make a big impact on what you drink. Some decanters have a large base to help increase oxygen exposure. A pitcher or carafe with sharp, clean lines or soft curves can accommodate larger volumes of liquid and take up less space. More abstract designs, on the other hand, have showstopping elegance and can make a bold artistic statement.
  4. A quality decanter or carafe is made from strong materials. Glass will always have a timeless beauty, while crystalline is thinner but refract light beautifully.
  5. Why not use a carafe or pitcher to add a pop of colour to a room? Smoky greys and sandy beiges can evoke sleek Scandi minimalism.
  6. Buy a decanter or carafe with matching glasses for that cohesive sense of style, or mix and match with other designs to create a striking contrast.
  7. A decanter with a stopper is ideal for storing leftover wine, as it stops wine from being exposed to air for too long.
    Pour your next drink with class! Head to your nearest Myer store to check out the latest decanters, carafes and other glassware.

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