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The Fortress by S.A. Jones (Paperback)



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The Fortress is an absorbing, explicit, confronting and moving novel about consent, power, love and fulfilment. Its a ripping page-turner.
Jonathon Bridges arrival at The Fortress a society run and populated by women begins with a recitation of the conditions of his stay: he is forbidden to ask questions, to raise his hand in anger, and to refuse sex.

Jonathon has offered himself as a supplicant in The Fortress after his pregnant wife, Adalia, discovered the ugly sexual violence pervading his top-tier firm. She has agreed to continue their fractured relationship on the condition he enter The Fortress for one year.
Jonathon is utterly unprepared for what will happen to him over the course of the year not only to his body, but his mind and his heart.
This absorbing, confronting and moving novel asks questions about consent, power, love and fulfilment. It asks what it takes for a man to change, and whether change is possible without a radical reversal of the conditions that seem normal.
GENRE: Adult Fiction
APN: 9781760407940

Product code 602317630