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Rice Cookers

"Cook soft and fluffy rice each and every time, without needing to standy by, scrutinising over the pot. With a rice cooker, all you have to do is add water, add rice, then set and forget, making it  easier to achieve perfectly cooked rice and other mealtime favourites.

Finding the Best Rice Cooker:

1. Check the capacity: Rice tends to expand when cooking, so be aware displayed cup capacity refers to uncooked rice. For example, a 5-cup capacity rice cooker will produce 10 cups of cooked rice per batch.  

2. Consider cleanup: Rice cookers are much easier to clean if it has a non-stick coating, and if well-maintained, will last a lot longer.

3. Does it have a tight seal? A good rice cooker should have a nice, tight seal to lock in flavour and to stop rice from splattering all over your benchtop.

4. How many are you feeding? If you absolutely love rice, choose a multi-grain cooker or rice cooker with a 2-5 cup capacity. If you’re cooking for two, a small rice cooker with a 3-cup capacity will get the job done. If you’ve got a big family, a 10-cup capacity rice cooker will leave plenty of rice to go around.

5. Want to set and forget? Rice cookers can do all the thinking for you. Certain cookers can even optimise timing and temperature.

6. Do you have a preference of rice type? The types of rice you enjoy most will affect what rice cooker you choose. While all rice cookers can cook plain white rice to perfection, others might not do as well with brown rice or sticky rice. Other models, however, have preset controls that specially cater to making not just rice, but sushi, risotto, quinoa, and even porridge and oats.  

7. Do you need to move your cooker often? A rice cooker with large handles will also make it easier to lift, especially when it’s full. A removable cord will also make your rice cooker easier to carry from the counter to the dinner table.

8. Food’s ready, but you’re not? A rice cooker with a ‘Keep Warm’ feature helps to prevent overcooking while still keeping rice warm in the meantime.

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