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Automatic Coffee Machines

You want that barista quality brew from your own kitchen - without the fuss. From grinding the beans and foaming the milk to extracting the perfect cup, an automatic coffee machine can do all the hard work for you. Different machines will have different features, so you can really customise your coffee-making experience. Not sure what to look for in your next automatic espresso machine? Here are some helpful hints to get you started.

‘Espresso’ yourself with the right automatic coffee machine

  1. Level of automation: Do you prefer to hit a button and relax, or are you more hands-on? While some machines feature a steam wand to froth up your own milk, others have a milk tank they draw from to texture the milk for you.
  2. Grinding the beans: Some machines have a built-in grinder, while others will require you to either buy a separate grinder or get pre-ground espresso.
  3. Pods: If you want to skip the beans altogether, coffee pods are convenient, mess-free and keep each and every shot fresh until the time of use. As pod machines rise in popularity, more coffee brands are creating pods designed to fit with various machines.
  4. Coffee style: Some machines have a range of built-in coffee styles, such as espresso, macchiato and cappuccino. Others are limited to pouring espresso or producing drip-filter coffee.
  5. Bench space and tank volume: If you typically make several coffees each day, a big water tank may come in handy. However, if bench space is limited, more compact options delivering one or two coffees at a time might be more suitable.
  6. Aesthetics: In most kitchens, the coffee machine will be a permanently visible feature on the bench. You may want to consider how your machine will fit the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. From sleek, modern designs to fun and colourful retro styles, there is something for everyone. Enjoy delicious coffee from the comfort of your own home, made just the way you like it. Find a beautiful, high-quality automatic coffee machine with our range of brands and styles at Myer today.