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Wall Art

Wall art can say a lot about the personality of your home. A beautiful piece of art can provide a splash of colour to an otherwise blank space, and brings energy to the rest of the house. Wall art can really tie a room together, drawing points of interest to areas of the home that would otherwise be overlooked.  The wonderful thing about wall art is the limitless potential – you can have fun mixing and matching different colours, textures and styles. Here are a few tips to do just that.

Looking for Wall Art That Wows:

  1. Choose a piece you love – it's going to be gracing your walls for a long time, so make it count! Treat finding the perfect piece of wall art like you would finding the perfect sofa or dining table.
  2. Good wall art should evoke a reaction or emotion. Does it make you feel joy? Excitement? Calm? Intrigue? If not, then put it back!
  3. Where you decide to put your wall art will determine how big or small it’ll be. Do you want to hang it above the sofa in your living room or rest it on top of the tallboy in your bedroom? Will it hang in the entryway to welcome your guests or in your study to promote calm reflection?
  4. If you want to hang multiple pieces of wall art—like a gallery wall—start with the largest piece first, then work your way down to the smallest, filling any gaps in between.
  5. Home décor will also determine the type of wall art you choose. Have a relaxed coastal vibe? Go for beachy-style prints and tranquil greens and blues. Dig that retro bohemian look? Pair with rugged desert landscapes and earthy tones. Bold colours or clean white walls? 6. Complement them with abstract prints or classic photography.
  6. How you frame your wall art is everything: Black and white frames are classically gorgeous and never go out of style. If you have timber floors, match wall art with timber frames.
  7. Surround your wall art with other accessories in similar shades and tones – If your artwork has a warm colour palette filled with oranges and reds, find throw blankets or sofa pillows in cooler shades like beige or warm pinks to make it stand out.
  8. Experiment with colours and tone to add depth while complementing your existing décor. Create consistency by selecting one or two prominent colours in the room to help guide your search for wall art. Turn your home into a work of art! Head to your nearest Myer store to check out the latest styles and designs from a wide range of artists. Join Myer One for exclusive offers and rewards – the more you spend, the more you earn!

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