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Dinnerware Sets

Preparing delicious food in beautiful dinnerware can elevate the experience of a homemade meal. It creates a joyous atmosphere between family and friends, and gives you the opportunity to showcase your hard work. When looking for the right dinnerware, it should complement your food, lifestyle and personality. Read on to discover some quick tips to find the right dinner set for you.

Delight in the Right Dining Set

  1. Will your dinnerware be used for special occasions or every day? It’s wise to invest in dinnerware that can be used for both, striking a balance between style and functionality.
  2. If you’ll be using your dinnerware regularly, you need pieces that are tough, durable and lightweight. Made from thick, coarse clay, stoneware has an earthy quality that’s tailor-made for indoor or outdoor dining. Fine bone china is light, thin but surprisingly strong, as well as chip-resistant, and has a simple yet stylish design. Porcelain, meanwhile, is even harder and non-porous, able to be placed safely in the dishwasher or microwave.
  3. The size of your dinnerware set depends on your household size and cooking habits. Use a 12-piece set for casual dining and everyday meals. A 14 or 16-piece set is more suited to special occasions, while an 18-piece set or above is fit for a feast!
  4. Shape can also enhance a dinnerware set’s beauty. Round shapes will always feel timeless, while square, oval or oblongs can have a modern edge. Plates and bowls with a rim can also prevent food from splashing everywhere as you eat.
  5. Keep adding other accessories over time that complement your dinnerware. Wow guests with platters overflowing with delicious meats and cheeses, or coffee mugs, milk jugs and creamers for afternoon tea.
  6. Take a good look at your kitchen storage - is your dinnerware able to fit? Make sure you take note before you buy that big 18-piece set.
  7. Use dinnerware to reflect your unique style. Black dinnerware in a smooth matte finish exudes clean minimalism and brooding elegance. Softer tones like beige, lilac or powdery pink can evoke the warmth and vibrance of spring, while marble and dimpled textures can add distinct flair and personality to the dinner table.
  8. Although colours and patterns might be on trend, white never goes out of style, helping food stand out on the plate and creating a bold contrast. Bring a little fine dining to your home. Head to your nearest Myer store to check out the latest dinnerware sets from all of your favourite brands. Short on time but can’t wait for the postman? Order online, select Click and Collect and pick up your purchase at your nearest Myer.

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