Product: Strawberry & Pistachio Bar 45g



Handmade from organic ingredients this chocolate bar from Pana Chocolate is made using 50% raw cacao combined with strawberries and pistachio pieces. This bar is sweet, jammy, tart and a little bit nutty.

This vegan-friendly bar contains no dairy, soy or refined sugars and is also gluten free.
The packaging is made from 100% recycled materials, the foil wrapped around the chocolate is biodegradable, the inks are 100% vegetable based and the box is sealed using an edible plant gum.

A perfect chocolate treat without the guilt!

Since their launch in 2012, Pana Chocolate have grown to become one of Australias leading raw, organic, vegan chocolate brand.

Chocolate weight: 45g net
Made in Australia from Imported ingredients.

Product code 529578820