Product: BeanBoozled Minion Edition Flip Top Box 45g



BeanBoozled gets downright Despicable in the Special Edition Jelly Belly BeanBoozled Minion Flip Top Box. Jelly Belly captures the mischievous nature of Illumination's Minions with a special selection of BeanBoozled flavours, including two new look-alike pairs. Illumination's Minions love Bananas, that is why classic BeanBoozled favourite Pencil Shavings is back and paired with Ba-na-na. New to the weird selection is a flavour inspired by Despicable Me character Dr. Nefario and his most memorable gadget, the Fart Gun: in this edition, Jelly Belly pairs delicious Green Apple with deplorable Minion Fart. 

Product code 569217880