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Absorbing the light and making lips appear fuller, achieve a beautiful glow with a touch of lip gloss. Modern-day lip glosses are now lightweight, sophisticated, last much longer and come in a wider range of pigments, quickly becoming an accessory that every makeup collection needs.                                                                            How to Make Your Lip Gloss Shine  

Whether you’re after subtle colour or statement shine, you can’t go wrong with a beautiful lip gloss. Versatile, sophisticated and easily applied, the humble lip gloss can seriously elevate a look.  

Want to match your gloss to your complexion?

You can wear any shade of lip gloss you enjoy, however some prefer to match their makeup with their skin. The main undertones of the skin are warm, cool or neutral. If you have a yellow skin undertone, opt for warmer shades, while pink and blue shades suit pink undertones nicely.

The different finishes of lip gloss

  1. Lip glosses come in several different finishes, and each have their own unique benefits:
  2. Liquid gloss is thick and opaque, often used as a base for lipstick.
  3. Creamy gloss is smooth, lightly coloured and soft.
  4. Sheer gloss is lightweight and great for those who prefer minimal makeup
  5. Tinted gloss can provide that subtle hint of colour.
    Enjoy gloss with added sun protection If you’re wearing your lip gloss out all day, it’s good to have one with built-in SPF protection. Some lip glosses can even keep lips hydrated, making them feel moist and comfortable for hours.
    Glosses, tints and oils—enjoy them all Glosses have come a long way over the years—not only do they provide a beautiful sheen, many now also have dual benefits and properties:
  6. Get the best of both worlds with a cheek and lip tint! Add rosiness to cheeks as well as shine to your lips, and save time by finding a lipstick and blush all rolled into one.
  7. Want fuller lips? A lip-plumping gloss contains moisture-rich ingredients like peppermint and capsicum to pump up water content and stimulate the lips, creating a more pillowy look.
  8. If you enjoy soft lips, lip oil is infused with nourishing oils to stop lips from drying out, a nice hybrid between a lip balm and gloss.
    Sumptuous shine or mattifying magnificence? When you think of lip gloss, you may picture a beautiful glossy texture that leaves a shiny residue on the lips. While this is the case for most gloss products, some enjoy the look of a mattifying lip product. Matte lip gloss has incredible staying power, and can offer some subtle glam when you’re not in the mood for shine.
    Not sure what lip gloss you need? Why not mix and match different sets of lip gloss. They can even be a great gift for family and friends.
    Get glossing! Find your favourite lip glosses from a range of brands. Save on a whole range of beauty items, including lipsticks, eyeliners and blushes.

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