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A must-have for any skincare routine, moisturisers contain hydrating properties that help seal moisture in the skin and can address a wide range of concerns, such as preventing dry and patchy skin, fighting acne and slowing down the signs of ageing.

Matching You with the Right Moisturiser

Make the search for the perfect moisturiser as smooth as it should be to apply to the skin by following a few simple tips.

Take your skin type into consideration

Not sure what your skin type is? Wait a few hours after getting out of the shower and see how your skin feels. Does it feel greasy? You may have an oily complexion. Tight and flaky skin? This points to a dry complexion. Those with dry skin may benefit from adding an oil-based moisturiser to their dry skincare routine for deeper hydration. For oily skin, a light, water-based gel moisturiser is best to add to your oily skincare routine, as it is able to be quickly absorbed into the skin. A hydrating moisturiser can also be the perfect end to a nice hot shower. It helps restore the moisture in your skin and makes you feel clean and smooth.

Moisturisers can come in the form of lotions, pastes and gels. Some moisturisers are specially designed to target certain skin concerns like redness neutralisers, age-defying creams, renewal emulsions and body tightening concentrates. There’s a moisturiser out there to suit everyone.

Is moisturiser good to add to your sensitive skincare routine? Absolutely! Moisturising can help reduce redness, restore the skin’s outer layer and even improve the effectiveness of anti-inflammatory creams.

Explore our skincare routine for normal skin and skincare routine for combination skin for more dermatologist-approved advice with your skin type.

Does time of day matter for moisturising?

It’s best to moisturise morning and night each day. Daily moisturisers are lightweight and packed with antioxidants, and can be applied after cleansing your face or after applying eye serum.

If you apply moisturiser first thing in the morning, you might benefit from a day cream with added SPF protection to reduce exposure to UV rays. If you often moisturise before you go to bed, a night cream can restore and hydrate skin as you sleep.

Experiment with a few moisturisers

Why settle for one moisturiser when you can buy it as part of a wider skincare kit? Many kits and sets come packed with such goodies as micellar solution, eye cream and face masks to help you get into the habit of a proper skincare routine. They can even make great presents for family and friends!

Get smooth, clear skin today with skincare products from Myer! Save on a whole range of skincare including eye creams, face masks and peels.

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