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Makeup Tools and Accessories

There’s nothing more satisfying than having your beauty products all perfectly organised and easily accessible. With so many options available, keeping your makeup tools and accessories all neat and tidy has never been easier. From a travel-sized makeup bag in your purse for touch-ups on the go, to a portable carry case for the connoisseur, there’s something for everyone. Read our quick tips on finding the right one for you.

Everything You Need in Your Makeup Bag and More

Not sure what you need in your makeup kit? It’s easiest to start with the essentials: tweezers, makeup cloths and cleansing wipes, foundation, bronzer, blending sponges, base brushes, and precision brushes for lips and eyes. You can expand your collection of tools and accessories as you grow more confident in your makeup needs.  

What makeup brushes do you really need?

Don’t know where to begin with makeup brushes? A starter brush kit  is a great choice for anyone looking to begin their beauty collection. These can supply you with all the brushes you need to create simple yet stunning looks, including powder brushes for foundation, concealer brushes, angled blush brushes and eyeshadow brushes. These are your essential brushes, and as you start creating your own looks, you’ll have a better understanding of what you need.

Choosing a makeup bag

What size makeup bag is right for you? If you use makeup often or regularly experiment with new brushes and products, look for a larger bag with separate compartments. This helps keep things organised without needing to go searching for each product. If you wear minimal makeup or only pull out your foundation or eyeliner every now and then, go for something a little more compact.  

Going travelling? Invest in a sturdy cosmetic bag or beauty travel case for more lightweight and convenient handling. A handheld mirror for your purse or a travel mirror with an adjustable head is also a must!  

And of course, pick a design that inspires you. Makeup bags are not only functional, but can look incredibly stylish. Choose between a cheeky cheetah print or dreamy florals, or even a pastel-coloured case for a sugary sweet touch!  

…Or go for an organiser

Sick of having to dig through your drawers for your favourite lipstick or blush brush? A beauty organiser or display carousel can clear away the clutter and keep your most-used accessories directly at your fingertips!  

Don’t forget those other essentials

Want to rejuvenate tired skin? A facial roller can soothe the skin and be used with moisturisers and serums, and is especially good to use for sensitive skin. While a microdermabrasion wand can also gently exfoliate the skin and leave it feeling like new. Other accessories that you may find helpful can include brush cleaning pads, compact mirrors, eyebrow shapers, eyelash curlers and more.

Bag yourself some new accessories! Check out the latest makeup tools and accessories from all your favourite brands. Save on a whole range of beauty items, including brushes, sponges and makeup bags.

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