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A diffuser has the power to evoke happy memories, soothe muscles, relieve stuffy noses and create a peaceful environment with a couple drops of essential oils. Are you searching for a new perfume profile for your home, office or car? Go no further than our range of diffusers, essential oils and diffuser oils. If you’re feeling spoiled for choice or torn between two types, let our brief aromatherapy diffuser guide light your way below.

Mist Diffuser - also known as an ultrasonic diffuser, a mist diffuser acts as a cold humidifier, transforming water-diluted oils into a light mist and introducing moisture into the air during the winter months. Most come with internal lights, adding a hint of ambience.

Where to place yours: Suited to large spaces

Reed Diffuser - usually based on fragrances, this scent diffuser uses tiny channels to slowly and subtly release sweet, spicy or soothing smells into a specific area of your home.

Where to place yours: Perfect for small rooms

Car Diffusers - a fragrance diffuser with plenty of punch, most car diffusers are based on slow-release methodology.

Where to place yours: The centre console

Transform your space with your favourite scents. Browse online, shop today and get it ASAP.

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