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If you’re looking to give your skin a boost, our range of men’s serums are packed with active ingredients to help your skin repair itself. With regular use, you’ll be on your way to skin that looks and feels healthier. Best of all, serums are easy to apply and leave you feeling pampered and relaxed.

What is men’s serum?

If your skin has lost its lustre, a quality men’s face serum will help to bring back its healthy glow. Facial serums contain nourishing ingredients to feed and protect your skin from damage.

If you want to reduce the appearance of fine lines or improve damage caused by Australia’s excessive sun exposure or cold weather, a serum gives your skin a supercharged boost of goodness.

Shaving serums offer a great alternative to shaving creams and gels, helping to keep the skin protected from razor burn while facilitating a wonderfully close shave. Browse our full range of men’s shaving products to up your shaving game.

Men’s facial treatment steps

For best results, make sure to follow the instructions on the label. Most facial serums are designed to be used after cleansing and before moisturising by applying directly to the skin with your fingertips. Facial serums are for external use only and should not be applied directly to the eyes.

Find the right skincare routine for you

We've put together some helpful guides to help you find a skincare routine that suits your skin type. If you have normal skin (i.e. not too dry, not too oily), explore our normal skincare routine. If your skin is easily irritated, our skincare routine for sensitive skin is for you. We also have guides for dry skincare, oily skincare and combination skincare.

Looking for a gift?

If you’re looking for a gift that will spoil the man in your life, browse our full wellness range to find home relaxation, sleep care, mindfulness and fitness accessories.