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By taking a few moments each day to cleanse and moisturise, you’ll be well on your way to skin that looks and feels great. Explore our skincare solutions for the modern man.

What products should men use for skincare?

The basic principles of skincare are the same for men as they are for women. Cleanse your skin each day to remove excess oil and impurities and nourish your skin with a good-quality toner and moisturiser. From there, you can choose to add specialist products for any particular skin concerns, such as blemish control and serums to repair damage and bring out your skin’s natural vitality.

Always remember to check the directions on your skincare products to get the best results. If you make some time each morning and night to look after your skin, you can enjoy a healthier and more robust complexion.

What does a men’s skincare routine involve?

To help you get started with the right skincare routine for you, we’ve put together some helpful skincare guides for each skin type.

For those with normal skin, explore our guide to normal skincare. If you have skin that tends to be a bit dry and prone to redness, have a look at our guides for dry skin and sensitive skin. If you’ve got the type of skin that tends to be shiny and prone to blemishes, check out our skincare routine for oily skin. For those with a mix of both dry and oily patches, read our combination skincare guide.

Myer’s range of men’s skincare includes cleansers, toners, scrubs, moisturisers, eye treatments and more. If you’re buying a gift, a men’s skincare set is a great choice for any man who likes to take care of his appearance and look his best. Browse our range of men’s grooming, men’s shaving and sun care to find the perfect gift for him.

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