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Men's T-Shirts

All hail the humble t-shirt! Not only are men’s t-shirts versatile, comfortable and easy to look after, but they can also be very stylish. Here we’ve got tips for finding a t-shirt that fits you well, as well as styling options for taking your t-shirt look to the next level.

Finding the right fit

To make sure you’re looking great in your t-shirt, try to aim for a tee that fits closely around your biceps, chest and waist – not too loose, not too tight. The length is another important consideration: ideally, your t-shirt should reach just below your belt, about halfway down your fly.

If you’ve been blessed with a muscular chest, a V-neck t-shirt will help to show off your physique. Guys with a more slender build tend to look better in t-shirts with a crew neck. For those who are tall or have a bigger build, look for an oversize t-shirt with a bit more room, available in our big & tall range.

How to dress up your t-shirt look

It’s possible to make a t-shirt work for a more formal situation such as a cocktail party or work function. The trick is to make sure you get a quality t-shirt that fits you well, and accessorise with a designer jacket and pants from our men's clothing range.

Another great option is the long sleeve t-shirt, which will add a bit more style and interest to your look. Long sleeve t-shirts are also perfect for autumn and spring when you’re not sure kind of weather to expect.

For those with bold personalities, our selection of printed t-shirts will help you stand out from the crowd.

These days, there’s virtually no limit to the creativity you can find in men’s t-shirts. Australia is famous for being relaxed and fun-loving, so don’t hold back! Shop for exciting styles in our streetwear t-shirt range.

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