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They say the eyes are the windows of the soul. So why not make them pop with a little colour? The right eyeshadow can add a great amount of depth, make eyes appear larger and draw more attention to them. And with so many colours, shades and textures to choose from, you’ll never be short of inspiration!  

How to Find an Eye Popping Eyeshadow  

Eyeshadows come in four different types. Creams are great for beginners as they’re much easier to blend. Sticks offer more precision and control. Powders require a brush, but can last much longer, while pigments (like glitters and shimmers) are made to dazzle.  

The most useful palettes  in any eyeshadow collection are smoky and nude. Nude palettes can consist of browns, beiges and golds, while smoky palettes normally come in shades of grey and black.  

Let your features lead the way

Consider eye shape before choosing the right eyeshadow.You can also match eyeshadow to your complexion; where generally bronze or copper suits lighter skin, cinnamon or red for medium skin, and jewel tones or teal for olive skin. Darker tones, meanwhile, look good with every colour!  

Tips to choosing your eyeshadow colours

Opt for a mix of colours and textures that complement one another. Also include light and dark shades, along with a little bit of shimmer. You can also use eyeshadow to compliment your eye colour. Pair hazel eyes with emerald green or stunning yellow-golds, blue eyes with blush pinks, orange-tinged browns or peachy hues, and brown eyes with purples, bluish greys or electric blues.  

Why not try a little glitter eyeshadow? Pigments can be a great way to make a statement, no matter your look! Go for subtle earthy tones for a little shimmer or full sparkle with a solid colour.  

Consider the different types of brushes

The type of eye brush you use is everything—large shadow brushes for applying highlighter, precision shadow brushes for pigments, blending tip brushes for those smoky eyes, precision liners for straight lines, smudger brushes for diffusing eyeliner... The tools at your disposal are endless!  

Make eyes come alive! Check out the latest eyeshadows from all your favourite brands. Save on a whole range of beauty items, including mascaras, highlighters and blushes.

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