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In a world of distractions, stress and busyness, adult LEGO® offers a hands-on, mindful activity that allows for focus and creativity. LEGO® sets for adults are specifically designed with grown-ups in mind; they’re premium quality, look great on display, and offer challenging builds to strengthen the mind and inspire the imagination.

Many adult LEGO® sets are collectible and cater to a wide variety of themes (including pop culture, art, music, travel, science, vehicles and more) to ensure your collection’s as unique as you are. If you’re looking to get started or want to add to your collection, relax and unwind with these popular adult LEGO® sets:

What LEGO® sets are most popular for adults?

LEGO® Floral Art: Let your imagination bloom with this colourful LEGO® set that brings the beauty of nature into your home. With three floral motifs and endless customisation options, this immersive 2,870-piece adult LEGO set is the perfect way to enter your next zen zone.

LEGO® Ideas Blacksmith: Take a break from modern life with this medieval blacksmith’s story just waiting to be told. Expertly designed with impressive historical detail and a touch of fantasy, this challenging 2,164-piece adult LEGO® set is destined to transport you away from your worries, even if just for a moment.

LEGO® Botanical Bonsai Tree: Elegantly capture the art of bonsai with this rewarding 878-piece adult LEGO® set. Purely peaceful and symbolic of harmony and balance, LEGO’s® Bonsai brings a touch of calm through creativity. And with the ability to change from green leaves to pink cherry blossoms, you can experience serenity in every season!

LEGO® Ideas Grand Piano: Relax while celebrating your passion for music with this intricate and sophisticated 3,662-piece adult LEGO® set. Featuring hammer-action keys, moving pedals and smart technology that allows you to play songs with your smartphone, you’ll be amazed at this truly masterful LEGO® set for adults.

LEGO® Star Wars Millennium Falcon: At an impressive 7,541 pieces, this adult LEGO® set is considered the largest, most detailed Millennium Falcon and one of the largest LEGO® models in general. This amazing interpretation has everything a Star Wars fan could hope for, including authentic details, iconic minifigures, upper and lower laser cannons, and a removable hull that puts you right in the action.

Obtain your moment of tranquillity with premium, display-worthy Adult LEGO® sets at Myer. Looking for kid's toys? Discover the range today.

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