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Open a world of possibilities with LEGO® Creator sets! These fun and interactive LEGO® sets allow kids and adults to explore a wonderful selection of models, including animals, famous buildings, vehicles, locations and more! At Myer, our stocked range of LEGO® Creator sets include models from the LEGO® Creator 3-in-1 and the LEGO® Creator Expert series to bring hours of building enjoyment to every LEGO® fan.

LEGO® Creator 3-in-1 sets offer 3 different models in every box, allowing you to build and rebuild (and build again) a wide selection of detailed LEGO® creations. With 3 intricate models, and the ability to experiment and plan your own creations, the play options never end. Perfect for kids aged 6+, as well as adults, LEGO® Creator 3-in-1 suit a wide range of creative styles and interests to enhance your imagination and inspire new stories.

Looking for a challenge? LEGO® Creator Expert sets are advanced, complex models designed for adults. With intricate features, fun details, and iconic models - from stylish locations to famous vehicles and landmarks - the LEGO® Creator Expert range offers something unique for every collector to enjoy.

What does Creator mean in LEGO®?

The Creator theme was first introduced in 2001 and focuses on the creative construction of the LEGO® System (the LEGO® company’s main line of building bricks) rather than the concept of playtime with minifigures used in other themes. Because of this focus, LEGO® Creator sets are often based on buildings, vehicles and creatures.

LEGO® Creator also includes modular buildings as part of the theme; these large, intricate buildings can be used to build entire towns with colourful facades, elaborate interiors, and a wealth of hidden surprises. Unlike other LEGO® Creator sets, modular buildings include minifigures and are designed at a minifigure scale.

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