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LEGO Classic

Bursting with inspiration and ideas that help unlock the creative potential of LEGO® bricks, LEGO® Classic - and its infinite versatility - truly makes anything possible. Aimed at kids (aged 4+) and kids at heart, LEGO® Classic sets are a fantastic way to build confidence, fine motor skills and creativity through a no-limits perspective on building.

With LEGO® Classic, the sky is the limit. At Myer, our stocked range of LEGO® Classic sets include baseplates and standard LEGO® bricks of all kinds - from wheels and windows to leaves and flags - allowing you to find everything you need to build, rebuild and let your creativity flow.

Quickly grow your collection with hundreds of additional bricks and a handy storage box with LEGO® Classic’s Brick Boxes, and collect multiple colours, shapes, sizes and figures with LEGO® Classic’s supplemental range. With no limit to what you can make, there’s something for everyone, no matter your interests.

What is LEGO® Classic?

LEGO® Classic are sets designed for open-ended, brick-building fun! They include a wide range of exciting colours, shapes and sizes and simple building guides for fun models to help you get started. With LEGO® Classic, the possibilities are endless; if you can name it, you can build it!

What’s the difference between LEGO® Classic and LEGO DUPLO®?

While LEGO® Classic and LEGO DUPLO® both involve colourful, fun bricks designed to unlock creative potential through LEGO® building, they do have a major difference. LEGO DUPLO® bricks are twice the size of LEGO® Classic and are aimed at children between 18 months and 5 years of age. LEGO® Classic bricks, on the other hand, are regular-sized bricks recommended for ages 4+.

While there are differences, LEGO® Classic and LEGO DUPLO® are compatible with each other. LEGO DUPLO® is scaled up at an exact 2:1 ratio, allowing all LEGO® bricks and blocks to fit together to use in multiple ways, now and in the future. If you have a 4-year-old child who plays with LEGO DUPLO®, LEGO® Classic is the perfect transition to continue their LEGO® brick collection and inspire their imagination.

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