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Baby Bouncers & Play Mats

Soothe, secure, and keep your little one busy with baby bouncers and play mats at Myer. Whether you’re looking to rock or relax, our extensive range of quality baby bouncers and baby play mats are designed to engage your baby’s senses to help them learn and grow in comfort and stability.

Baby bouncers and baby play mats are perfect for busy parents and caregivers; they provide little ones with a soothing environment while providing ergonomic designs focused on support. With advanced safety features and testing, and soft inserts for cosiness, parents can rest easy knowing that their baby is safe, secure and protected.

What age should a baby use a bouncer?

The ideal age to use a baby bouncer is between 3-6 months; however, newborns can also use a bouncer when supervised carefully. When your little one starts sitting up, new opportunities for learning and exploring occur. At this time, you should minimise your use of the baby bouncer to prevent baby from toppling over or hurting themselves.

What age should a baby use a play mat?

Similarly to a baby bouncer, the ideal age for a baby to use a playmat is between 3-6 months. During this time, babies begin developing motor skills and hand-eye coordination, making grasping at hanging toys extra fun! When your baby begins crawling, you can continue using the baby play mat, however, they’ll likely start moving onto other toys.

Do babies need a play mat?

While it’s always up to the individual parents or caregiver to decide what’s best for their baby, baby play mats are often recommended due to their physical and cognitive benefits. Some of the benefits they offer include:

A safe space to play: With soft textures and supportive foam, young babies can practice rolling over and sitting up in a safe environment away from hard surfaces.

Freedom of movement: Baby play mats offer more space than bassinets and cots, allowing babies to roll, kick and stretch with more freedom.

Development of senses: Baby play mats often include a variety of textures, fabrics and toys to encourage babies to touch, explore and interact with the world around them through touch, sound and sight.

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