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Plush Toys

There’s nothing like the soft, cuddly companionship of plush toys for little ones seeking cosy comfort. At Myer, our extensive range of plushies are the perfect first friend for infants in the nursery, toddlers looking for a comforting [toy][] at bedtime, and young children engaging in creative play.

From classic stuffed animal dolls that will be treasured for life to popular plushie versions of your little one’s favourite characters, our huge selection of quality soft toys cater to every interest, need and budget.

While plush toys are well-known for being soft and huggable, they also play an essential role in a child’s upbringing by helping them develop social skills, empathy, and compassion. That’s why we aim to provide a range of innovative plush toys designed to appeal to all ages and multiple educational levels.

Discover some of Australia’s favourite soft toys from universally loved brands like Korimco, Peppa Pig, Jellycat, Pokemon, Squishmallows, TY and more when you shop with Myer.

Are plush toys safe for babies?

At Myer, our number one priority is safety. All plushies available at Myer are safety-tested and include age guidelines to help you select an age-appropriate plush toy for your child. Soft toys suitable from birth are recommended for babies under 12 months of age. Additionally, placing soft toys (or other soft objects) in your child’s cot is not advised.

Can plush toys be washed?

Plush toys get dirty, especially when they’re well-loved! The good news? Most plush toys stocked at Myer can be washed by hand or with a washing machine. We recommend following the product guide or washing label when determining which method to use. When using a washing machine, we recommend placing the plush toy inside a laundry bag for added protection, and if your plush toy has electronic parts or embellishments, it should be spot cleaned with a cloth.

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