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Your special day is approaching and it’s time to start shopping for the perfect bridesmaid dresses. They’re your best buds, your favourite people, your ride or die entourage when life becomes complicated - it stands to reason you want them to feel comfortable, confident and a little bit pretty as they stand with you. We are proud to offer a growing collection of eye-grabbing bridesmaid dresses Australia wide, connecting customers like you with the latest trends in-store or making it easy to buy bridesmaid dresses online with our fast delivery options and clear returns policy. If you’re in the early scouting stage, it can feel overwhelming - you have so many options, from wrap bridesmaid dresses (perfect for every shape) to sequin bridesmaid dresses for a glitz and glam, plus countless others… but how do you find the right bridesmaid dress?

Have an honest conversation about money: Before you begin short-listing bridesmaids dresses, figure out who is paying. If your girls are footing the bill, keep the lowest budget in mind when collecting and sharing options. If you’re covering the cost, think about how much you have to spend on their bridesmaids dress, shoes and accessories and make sure it’s more than manageable.

Get an idea of deal-breakers: Asking for multiple must-have lists will get tricky quickly. Instead, compare their dealbreaker styles and colours and start ruling out common themes. If off the shoulder bridesmaid dresses are nightmarish to everybody but you, it’s not wise to insist your besties breeze through the day with one on display.

Create a colour panel: Bridesmaid dress colours are many, vibrant and varied, drifting between pastels, prints, florals, metallics, cool colours, warm hues and neutrals too. Use your no-no list to generate a colour panel (pick three options - make sure you love them all) and get their opinions.

Redefine picture perfect: Matching dresses may look good in pictures, but what suits one friend may make another feel uncomfortable. While some people feel stunning in a slinky satin bridesmaid dress, others prefer the silhouette of a lace bridesmaid dress; maxi bridesmaids dresses may look great on tall friends while swamping shorter bodies, and midi bridesmaid dresses could be the opposite aesthetic of what you’re going for as a bride. Simplify things by letting your girls choose their own dress from our range of bridesmaid dresses, ensuring the colours match even if the material and styles don’t.

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