Find Your Fit At Home

While our bra fitting service is temporarily unavailable, we're still here to help you measure yourself at home.

The only tools you need:

A tape measure, a non-padded or lightly padded bra, and a large mirror.

Let’s Crunch The Numbers

You may be wearing the wrong size - and there's an art to getting it right. But once you get those measurements spot on,  you'll be comfy, supported and ready to go. Follow our measurement guide so you can do it yourself.

1) You can measure your under-band with or without a bra. If you are wearing a bra, ensure the tape measure does not sit over the bottom of the bra.

2) Place the tape measure around your body, directly under your breasts, on your skin.

3) Ensure the tape measure is straight and firm and breathe out.

4) Pull the tape measure together under your bust. The number your tape measure reads is your under-bust measurement.

1) You need to be wearing a bra to measure this. It’s best if the bra is a non-padded or lightly padded style to ensure an accurate measurement.

2) Place a tape measure around the fullest part of your bust.

3) Hold the tape measure lightly. The tape measure needs to sit straight on your back and feel comfortable but not too tight.

4) Pull tape measure together in front of you and breathe out. Check the measurement. This is your over-bust measurement. Repeat this step and check you get the same measurement.

What's My Fit Size?

Your under-bust measurement gives you your band. For example, if you have a 76cm under-bust your band size is a 12. Locate your size on the chart, move down to find your over-bust measurement.

What's My Cup Size?

The next step is to move to the far left to find your cup size. For example, if you measure 93cm your cup size is 12D.

We Know International Sizes Can Be Confusing

View our easy-to-read conversion chart to help you convert your Australian size.

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