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Outdoor Play & Activity

Create a fun space to swing, slide, jump and play with our extensive range of outdoor play equipment. Whether you’re looking for sports equipment, outdoor water play, cubby houses or outdoor games, we have you covered at Myer.

Playing outdoors is the perfect way to get children away from screens while encouraging exploration of the natural world and the development of physical strength and self-confidence. The benefits of outdoor play are numerous; here are just five ways your child can benefit from outdoor play:

Health and motor skill development

More space means bigger movements! Children are typically more active when using outdoor play equipment than indoor toys. When playing outside, children burn more energy and build strong muscles essential for physical strength, growth, coordination, and movement.

Improved independence and self-assessments

Outdoor play equipment encourages children to gain independence through exploration. While outdoor play is considered slightly more risky than indoor play, the benefits outweigh the risk. When engaging in outdoor play, your child pushes their boundaries, explores new areas, tries new things, and develops a sense of self-risk based on their current skills. Over time, this can establish confidence and help them feel secure enough to try new activities with more independence.

Increased happiness and appreciation for nature

Spending time outside (soaking up Vitamin D) is linked to increased happiness and reduced stress levels. When children spend time using outdoor play equipment, the fresh air and sunshine has been shown to improve a child’s overall mood and facilitate better sleep. As a bonus, a happy child who regularly sleeps well and plays outdoors learns to identify and appreciate the natural world at an early age; a quality we all want to encourage to protect the environment and minimise the human impact on nature.

Improved learning

With outdoor play equipment, children are given opportunities to explore, develop and improve their learning abilities. When outside, children (particularly younger children) rapidly learn new things more effectively, using a greater variety of their senses (sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing) than when playing indoors.

Encourage your child to play outside with our outdoor essentials. Discover our range of kids activewear, girls swimwear, and boy's swimwear today.

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