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Looking for a showbag to treat yourself, your kids or relive your childhood memories? At Myer, our unique range of popular showbags include something for everyone, whether you have a sweet tooth, are a sports fan or a pop culture enthusiast.

Showbags are an absolute treat when you’re looking to explore the world of entertainment and satisfy your sweet tooth. Our stocked range includes showbags with fan-favourite goodies like toys, books, stickers, bags, decor and apparel, puzzles, lollies, and chocolates.

Kids, in particular, love the excitement, variety and mystery showbags offer. As a childhood staple that often remains etched in our memories for years to come, kids showbags provide hours of entertainment at affordable prices and typically contain exclusive items that are difficult to find elsewhere.

Popular showbags for kids

A trip to the show isn’t complete without picking up an intriguing, timeless showbag full of items that excite and inspire! Occasionally though, it’s not always possible to go to a show. Thankfully, you can now purchase popular showbags online! If you’re purchasing showbags for kids, here are a few popular themes to get you started:

Showbags to satisfy a sweet tooth: If your little one receives the occasional treat, lolly showbags offer a popular, fun way to indulge - particularly around Easter or other holiday seasons. At Myer, our Fizzer showbag and Cadbury showbag include lollies and chocolates featuring multiple flavours that are sure to be enjoyed by kids and adults alike.

Showbags for sports fans: For kids who love sport and fitness, showbags focused on sports and sports teams contain the perfect balance of items to entertain and captivate the endless possibilities of the game. They often include items like backpacks, duffle bags, hats, water bottles, stickers and stationery, cooler bags, lanyards, and balls to play with!

Showbags focused on shows and characters: Showbags featuring themes relating to shows and characters are often the most popular due to their extensive range of items and ease in catering to different age groups and interests. Showbags of this type often include items like backpacks, stickers, decor, apparel, stationery, accessories, and activity sets.

Explore our exclusively online range to discover the pure enjoyment of showbags today.

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