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LEGO Duplo

Get your child off to a BIG start with LEGO DUPLO®. At twice the size of regular LEGO®, LEGO DUPLO’s® bright and colourful blocks are the perfect gift for small hands, helping to foster growing imaginations while developing confidence, self-expression, fine motor skills, and cognition. From role-playing creative stories and discovering everything there is to know about counting, colours and the ABCs, LEGO DUPLO® makes learning fun!

Find popular LEGO DUPLO® sets with our toddler-friendly collection of toys and baby toys, including LEGO DUPLO® trains and vehicles, animals, bath toys, locations and more to fill your child’s imagination with a colourful world of endless possibilities.

What’s the difference between LEGO® and LEGO DUPLO®?

LEGO DUPLO® is LEGO’s® range of bricks for children aged between 18 months and 5 years. The main difference is that LEGO DUPLO® is twice the size of regular LEGO® (they’re scaled up at an exact 2:1 ratio). Because LEGO DUPLO® is designed for the littlest hands and youngest minds, this larger size makes LEGO DUPLO® easier to play with and ensures their safety. They’re carefully tested for younger age groups to make sure they don’t pose a choking risk, have no sharp edges and points and contain no harmful materials or chemical compositions.

Is LEGO DUPLO® compatible with regular LEGO®?

Because LEGO DUPLO® is scaled up at a 2:1 ratio, they’re compatible with regular LEGO® bricks! LEGO’s® System in Play means that all LEGO® bricks and blocks fit together, can be used in multiple ways to build together, and will always fit perfectly with bricks bought in the future. LEGO DUPLO’s® compatibility with regular LEGO® allows your youngest children to join in play with older siblings and guarantees that as they grow older, their original LEGO DUPLO® blocks can be used to transition with new, smaller LEGO® pieces.

When was LEGO DUPLO® created?

The first toddler-friendly LEGO® blocks were launched globally in 1969. They were twice the size of regular LEGO® bricks, so they were appropriately named DUPLO® - a combination of ‘duplus’ (which means ‘double’ in Latin) and LEGO.

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