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Baby Dolls

Help your child develop their imagination and empathy while encouraging their nurturing side with baby dolls from Myer. Whether you’re looking for baby dolls or doll accessories, we have you covered with favourites from leading brands like Baby Born, Kindi Kids, BAYER and Disney.

Baby dolls are the perfect toy to introduce to children beginning to play ‘pretend’ (a milestone usually occurring around 12-18 months of age). At this age, human connection is a significant part of daily experience, and children enjoy observing and mimicking actions and behaviours. As they progress through this stage of learning, baby dolls offer several social-emotional benefits and skills that assist in preparing them for life, such as communication skills, creative thinking, empathy, and self-soothing skills. At Myer, we have a range of dolls and doll accessories appropriate for both younger and older children; make sure to check the age recommendations when looking for a baby doll for your child!

What are the best baby doll accessories?

Popular doll accessories to help your child play ‘pretend’ with their baby doll includes:

Doll clothing: mix-and-match outfits and costumes for hours of dress-up fun, creativity, and personalisation.

Doll furniture and comfort: Help your child create their own special environment with baby doll furniture like travel cots, bassinets, blankets, prams and high chairs.

Care items: Encourage your child’s nurturing side with care items like bottles, feeding gear, lotions, brushes, dummies and nappies.

How to clean a baby doll

Cleaning a baby doll is relatively uncomplicated; simply wipe the doll's body with a damp cloth and warm, soapy water (avoid using chemicals, especially on areas like the face, where painted details may exist). If the baby doll has hair, you can keep it looking nice by using a brush or comb to gently detangle it. After detangling, use a small amount of shampoo on a cloth to wash the doll’s head and remove any excess dirt.

When you’ve wiped and cleaned the doll as much as possible, add some sparkle with a spritz of fabric refresher or spray on shine. With regular care, your child’s baby doll will look new for years!

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