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Card Games

Bring family and friends together with timeless and captivating card games. Whether you’re looking for card games that require strategy, fast-paced card games, or fun card games for kids, our extensive range has something for everyone.

Card games are a great way to make travelling memorable, keeping everyone entertained with different rulesets, strategies and unique experiences. They’re also a fantastic activity to enjoy on a winter’s evening, rainy day or simply just to bring everyone together while challenging your analytical skills, improving memory retention, and having a good time in the comfort of your home.

Typically, card games are easy to learn - making them a great activity for kids - and require minimal effort to set up or store. Stock your cupboard today with classic favourites, like Poker, Uno, Cards Against Humanity and more when you shop with Myer.

What is a good 2-person card game?

Poker is an immensely popular card game that requires as few as two players. When playing poker, you’ll need luck, strategy and skill to bet and win chips based on the strength of your ‘hand’, and is often enjoyed by both experienced and casual players.

Younger card game enthusiasts will likely enjoy a game of memory or snap! Like poker, these card games can be played with more than two players but are frequently enjoyed by just two.

What is the oldest card game?

The oldest recognisable card game is believed to be a trick-taking game known as Karnoffel, which is thought to originate from Germany in the 1400s. It’s believed to have been played with an ordinary card deck and involved players taking turns to win specific tricks (such as the highest-ranked card). Trick-taking card games often involve numerous variations, but the main concept remains the same across all games: players must try to win more tricks than their opponents.

View our entire range of card games, board games and toys to discover more fun activities to enjoy with your family today!

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