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Arcade Games

Revisit classic games, including The Simpsons Arcade Game, Street Fighter 2, Terminator 2 and Mortal Kombat, with full-sized arcade games that are an absolute must-have for retro game enthusiasts and collectors alike!

No matter our age, there’s always room for a bit of fun, and now you can bring that fun to your own home with a space dedicated to games and arcades. Create a spectacular home arcade game room with these tips:

Use old games as decor

Have old board games that are missing pieces, or you just don’t play anymore? Frame the boards and hang them on the wall to make fantastic decorative pieces in your arcade game room! The often colourful, playful designs of board games add fun and style to blank walls and help create a recreational, game-focused theme that will delight both kids and adults.

Choose reliable flooring

If you’re renovating a space for your home arcade room, choose reliable flooring that won’t easily damage to maintain a sleek and fresh appearance. Brick and stone floor tiles are stylish, durable, and dependable, making them the perfect material for a high-traffic games room with heavier items like arcade game machines, pool tables, darts, and foosball tables.

Make it comfortable

If your games and arcade room doubles as a home cinema, toy room, or other space, make sure it’s comfortable. You’ll want this space to feel fun and relaxing and suit each activity you want to enjoy. Consider ambient lighting, comfortable seating, throws and pillows, and organised storage to encourage connectivity, tranquillity, and recreation.

Ensure there’s enough power

Before you begin filling your room with your favourite arcade games and tabletop games, you’ll need to make sure you have enough electrical outlets, powerboards, and cords. Surge protectors and other electrical appliances you might like (such as speakers) will also need to be considered to ensure enough resources are available to power your games and devices.

Add colour and lighting

Add extra flair to your arcade game room with thoughtful colour and lighting. You can choose a theme for the entire space, paint the walls, use decor and art for colour, or place LED lights or other types of lighting around the room to make it as unique as you.