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Let your imagination run wild and get ready for lots of prehistoric adventures with dinosaur toys from Myer! Whether they’re a huge fan of Jurassic World or simply love the excitement of dinosaurs in general, our fun and educational collection of dinosaur toys are sure to help your little one learn about history while having tons of fun.

Dinosaur toys (or anything dinosaur themed) make great gifts for kids who love dinosaurs. From action figures with moveable parts and cute dinosaur stuffed toys to puzzles and games featuring dinosaurs, our range of dinosaur toys have something every budding paleontologist will love!

What are 3 popular dinosaurs toys?

Dinosaurs have long been some of the most fascinating creatures ever to walk Earth. While it’s hard to say which specific dinosaur toy is the most popular (everyone has a favourite, and everybody’s unique), three consistently popular dinosaur toys include Jurassic World dinosaur toys, dinosaur soft toys, and dinosaur action figures.

Jurassic World dinosaur toys: The roaring success of Jurassic Park and Jurassic World bought dinosaurs into the spotlight, with kids of all ages loving both the films and the exciting toys available. Jurassic World dinosaur toys are often incredibly detailed and offer premium durability that allows your child to re-enact their favourite scenes with ease while encouraging imaginative play and creative storytelling.

Dinosaur soft toys: Dinosaur soft toys are an ever-lasting favourite, and it’s no surprise why. They provide a fun yet comforting way for children to play with dinosaur toys and explore the world of paleontology. Dinosaur soft toys often use sensational textures and more vibrant colours than other types of dinosaur toys, making them an excellent, cuddly companion that offers a unique way to bring the prehistoric world to life.

Action figures: Dinosaur action figures typically come in many shapes and sizes and never go out of style! They offer a diverse range of dinosaurs to play with, from the swift and speedy Velociraptor to the gentle Brontosaurus, making it easy for kids to find their favourite type of dinosaur to play with during thrilling, imagined adventures.

Our dino-mite collection of toys doesn’t end there! Discover our entire range to build the ultimate toy collection today.

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