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The ideal pair of headphones will delight your senses. There’s a lot to consider when buying a new pair: Not only their sound quality, but how they look, feel and how comfortably they sit on top of or within your ears. A great pair of headphones should last for years, so when you’re on the hunt for a new pair, you want to make sure you’re making the best choice. Here are some helpful tips for picking a pair of headphones your ears will love.

No matter how you work or play, our headphones are the perfect fit

  1. When will you use your headphones? Understanding the most likely use case will help narrow down the features you’ll need. You might require noise-cancelling headphones for a long plane ride or to concentrate at the office, bluetooth headphones for your commute or over-ear headphones for gaming. Sport headphones with a secure fit will keep you going when you’re out running or at the gym, and if you’re looking for peace and quiet at home, there are even headphones for kids.
  2. Wired or wireless? All wireless headphones, regardless of what style they are, require charging, so it’s a good idea to consider charging time and, in the case of earbuds, how many charge cycles the case’s battery lasts.
  3. How sensitive are your ears? Some people note sore ears after prolonged use of over-ear headphones, so if you have sensitive ears, you may benefit from earbuds instead. There are three basic categories of headphones:
  4. Over-ear: As the name suggests, the ear pads of over-ear headphones cup the entirety of your ears. Their larger size means they are less compact, but the payoff is truer and more dynamic sound, particularly bass notes. Because the ear pads don’t rest on your ears but instead surround them, you might find them comfortable to wear for longer periods of time.
  5. On-ear: On-ear headphones have many of the benefits of over-ear headphones, without the bulk, making them easier to carry to and from the office or gym.
  6. Earbuds: Whether wired or wireless, earbuds have been an audio mainstay for decades, and technology keeps improving, producing better sound, and a more comfortable fit. They’re the most portable form of sound, easily slipped into your pocket for audio on the go. Headphones have evolved from the cheapies included with early smart phones, and no matter your budget there’s an option that will suit your needs. With a multitude of colours, shapes and features there are headphones that will tick all your boxes, no matter your lifestyle at Myer. Shop now!

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