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Toy Blasters

At Myer, we have a huge range of toy blasters from leading brands, like Nerf and XShot, that are designed to encourage kids to run and play outdoors. As a toy that’s usually high up the wish list on Christmas and birthdays, toy blasters, water guns, and Nerf guns are a popular gift that fosters pure joy, motor skill development, and - depending on the game played - teamwork. Every game, however, needs safety precautions and toy blasters are no exception.

Whether you’re considering gifting a toy blaster to add to your child’s toy collection or purchasing one for your next holiday to the beach, foster fun while encouraging safe play with these tips:

Use eye protection

While toy blasters are safe and continuously tested to ensure they meet safety recommendations, it’s best to wear light, comfortable eye protection (like safety glasses or goggles) to prevent unnecessary eye injuries.

Create general rules together

To encourage safe play, we recommend sitting kids down to make a list of general rules that keep themselves and others safe, such as not aiming at heads, faces or people or animals not involved in the game.

Follow age restriction guidelines

Toy blasters often come with an age recommendation of 5 or older. When gifting a Nerf gun, water gun or any other type of toy blaster, always check the age guidelines to ensure age restrictions are met.

Play in safe spaces

As with any play, it’s important to be mindful of surroundings. Encourage kids to play in safe, open areas, making sure they avoid roads, staircases, and high spaces at all times.

Maintain parent supervision

Imaginations during play run wild at times! We recommend supervising play that involves toy blasters to ensure everyone’s following the rules that were set together and safe play is being maintained.

Pack away toy blasters and darts correctly

Toy blasters and darts should always be packed away safely and correctly at the end of each game. This is particularly important if children younger than 5 live at home, as darts can be a choking hazard to younger children.

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