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Take your Harry Potter costume to the next level with Myer’s magical range of Harry Potter wands and costume pieces. When creating an authentic look, it’s essential to pay attention to the details; from robes and scarves to hats and wands, there are many ways to bring your costume to life. Harry Potter wands, in particular, are uniquely captivating, allowing kids and adults to truly capture their favourite characters and provide an incomparable level of immersion into the Harry Potter universe.

Whatever Harry Potter costume pieces you decide to use for your outfit, remember: no matter how spellbinding it looks, the true magic lies within the wearer. Release your inner magic with these Harry Potter costume ideas:

What is the best Harry Potter costume for kids?

Whether dressing up for a party, Halloween or simply for fun, Harry Potter costumes for kids are an ultra-popular costume idea that never goes out of style.

Harry Potter: Make an impression with Hogwart's most iconic pupil. With a red and yellow scarf (or tie), robe (or black pants, white shirt and grey vest) and glasses, your little wizard will be instantly recognisable. Add Harry Potter’s wand and a painted scar, and you’re all set!

Hermione Granger: With her incredible intelligence and bravery, dressing as Hermione Granger is well suited to kids with an adventurous spirit. Choose items like a Griffindor-themed robe (or white shirt with a grey vest, skirt and red and yellow scarf or tie), book bag and wand to transform your little one into the brightest witch in the class.

Draco or Lucius Malfoy: For older children who are more Slytherin-inclined, Draco or Lucius Malfoy might be desired. For Draco, you’ll need a Syltherin-themed robe (or black pants, a white shirt and a black vest), a green and silver scarf or tie, a Harry Potter wand, and a menacing grimace. If Lucius is preferred, a sleek white shirt, black pants, black blazer and his iconic snake-headed staff will ensure that everyone knows you’re inherently superior.

Swish and flick (and remember, it’s Wingardium LeviOHsa, not LeviosAH) your way through our magical range of toys and costumes to create a quintessential collection of all your favourite items with Myer.