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Soft Toys & Rattles

From animal-shaped baby rattles to super-soft plush toys, our wide selection of soft baby toys and baby rattles offer maximum comfort so you can surround your little one with nothing but the best.

Baby rattles are most appropriate for babies aged 0-12 months. They offer stimulating sensations through unique sounds, vibrant colours, and interesting shapes and textures, and when provided throughout your home and nursery, can encourage your little Einstein to develop critical skills essential to their development.

Wondering how a rattle helps with a child’s cognitive development?

Fine motor skills and learning cause-and-effect

As babies interact with baby rattles - shaking, exploring, and listening to the engaging sounds they make - they’re developing fine motor skills and learning about cause and effect. When a rattle moves, the instant auditory feedback teaches a baby that their action (moving the rattle) causes a reaction (the sound produced).

Language development

When playing with baby rattles, the sensations experienced provide a familiar source of comfort and stimulate language development through vocalisation and experimentation with sounds. The different sounds produced by baby rattles offer opportunities for hearing growth and learning about tones, rhythms, tunes and volumes.

Ability to grasp and hand-eye coordination

Moving a rattle back and forth helps babies gain experience tracking and following a toy as it moves. Additionally, holding and shaking a baby rattle strengthens the muscles needed for grasping objects and helps build neural connections that encourage further exploration - an essential part of cognitive development!

Developing a sense of sight touch

Baby rattles promote the development of a child’s senses - particularly sound, sight and touch. As a tactile toy with various textures and shapes to feel and explore, babies have opportunities to learn about different properties, like soft, hard, bumpy, smooth, rough and cold. Most baby rattles are also quite colourful! These bright colours make them visually engaging to infants who haven’t yet learnt about identifying objects through sight. By attracting attention and offering visual interest, babies can use rattles to learn about and understand visual cues that assist them when playing, exploring and interacting with their environment.

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